Burton Joyce Centre for Local History

The Burton Joyce Centre for Local History, in the Carnarvon Room, Chestnut Grove, was opened in 2000 as an offshoot of the Local History Society, and it houses the Archives belonging to the Society, which include:-

  • Old Photographs from the late 19th century up to the present, many by J.H.Scott, a Bulcote man, who was photographing Trent Valley villages in the early twentieth century. The present collection consists of over 4000 photographs and slides, most of which are on show at our open days. The collection has recently been catalogued on a database to facilitate reference and research, and covers a very wide range, illustrating changes in the village itself and village people and activities over more than a century. We are always looking to add to the collection and welcome gifts or loans of photographs for copying.
  • Documents relating to family and village history which includes censuses from 1841 to 1911, information from the parish registers, press cuttings, village organizations, Stoke Farm, and many other subjects.
  • A small collection of maps of the area from 1609 to the present day.
  • Museum showcases exhibit memorabilia of the two World Wars, the Cragg family, the school, the framework knitting and bonnet making industries, shops and trades and many other subjects.

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